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My Ménières


This is an app/game about my experience of Ménière disease.I made this app/game to share my experience about Ménière disease.It’s hard to explain what the symptoms and struggles are, so that’s why I made this app. Sometimes it’s too hard to explain or sometimes I just don’t feel like explaining it again and again. So now i’ve got this app. Maybe it helps others as well to get a better understanding about having Ménière’s disease or to explain what it is.
In this app you can find some info and links about Ménière disease, and you can experience some symptoms like; Tinnitus and Vertigo. And of course, there’s a quiz game with a little Ménière twist.
Oh, and for everybody who’s just playing this game and aren’t interested about Ménière disease. Yes, the sounds and moving parts are annoying, that’s the whole point of the game. And to cheat you can always turn the sound off.
Stay steady.